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Customer Strategy

Customer Strategy

With its absolute focus on customer experience USSP team of consultants' analyses customer's needs and the market environment. Our customer strategy is to create innovative products, services and processes to tap new avenues of business growth for our client's business.

A.   Customer Satisfaction Analysis
  • Product experience
  • Buying / Purchase experience
  • Aftersales support
  • Technology features
B.   Voice of Customers
  • New Product Feature prioritization
  • Price Evaluation
  • Measurement of Customer perceived value using statistical tools
    1. Kano model for product attributes
    2. MaxDiff Trade-off Analysis: Importance of product attribute vis-à-vis of each product attribute
    3. Gabor Granger Pricing Model
  • Customer Segmentation
    1. Cluster Analysis: Need based segmentation
    2. Perceptual Mapping: For identifying Brand Image Footprints
C.   Mystery Shopping
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Shopper training & development
  • Actual shopping process
  • Shop reports and analysis
D.   Brand Equity Studies
  • Analyse the product quality into the marketplace
  • Monitor trends and competitors
  • Understand the customer perception of a brand and product
  • Evaluate brand message from customers point of view
  • Capture customer feedback
  • Analyse, present and report
E.   Transaction Pricing
  • Customer buying price structure for select brands, products and variants
  • Market compilation of product and variant prices at MRP
  • Channel driven customer schemes, exchange schemes, non-cash offers etc.
F.   Product Clinics
  • Static Clinic
  • Dynamic Clinic
  • Recruitment of the respondent
  • Screening of the respondent
  • Interview of the respondent at the clinic
  • Experiencing the product in real life situation in a pre-decided framework
  1. Analysis of customer experience on the new technology and its benefits
  2. Customer perception on product features, benefits, attributes and overall value
  3. Feature and pricing correlation analysis
  4. Evaluation of concept technology

Use of statistical tools to analyse the data and produce results
  • Conjoint Analysis – to determine the optimal features and pricing of the products.

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