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Growth Consulting

Growth Consulting

Performance Consulting PARI Model

A.   Business plan formulation
B.     Go to Market Strategy
  • Defining growth environment
  • Market insights, volumes, forecasts
  • Market trends
  • Pricing and Margins
  • Competition mapping
  • Distribution mapping
  • Margin Structures
  • Customer analysis
  • Defining business model
  • Defining entry model- Testing, Penetrate, Expand
  • Entry option
  • Distribution structure
  • Positioning
  • Product specifications
  • Target application segments
  • Marketing mix
  • Launch plans
  • Manpower Organization
  • Road map and strategic recommendations
C.   Network Expansion Strategy
D.   New Market Entry
E.   Distributor Partner Identification and Appointment
  • Identify
  • Shortlist
  • Finalize

Involves lead generation, basic assessment, joint evaluation, final assessment and Award the LOI

F.   Supply Chain Transformation
G.   Cost Structuring/Optimization
H.   Sales and Distribution Strategy
  • Understand
  • Develop
  • Benchmark
  • Recommend

Understand the purchase behaviour of a buyer : Need recognition and hot buttons

Develop a healthy and long sustainable network plan : Defining sales channel-profitable & long-term growth

Using a Four Quadrant Potential Matrix: Develop: Growth: Ignore: Sustain

Using a Four Quadrant Potential Matrix: Develop: Growth: Ignore: Sustain

Benchmark the current sales process- customer interface for building trust with the buyer

I.   Supplier Quality Function
  • Supplier Activation- Initiation
  • Supplier Development
  • Process Verification- Audits
  • Performance Monitoring- customer-supplier performance criteria
  • Supplier Engagement- Relationship
  • Quality policy- Objectives
  • Supplier Quality Assurance-Checklists
  • Warranty Management- Field Claim processes
  • Customer Rating- Improvement Plan
J.   Sourcing Function
  • Forecasting, Planning & Scheduling
  • Supply Chain- Order processing, logistics & supply chain
  • New Product Development
  • Commercial Processes
K.   Supplier / Vendor satisfaction Strategy
  • Regional trends and analysis
  • Categorical satisfaction scores/levels: Sourcing, Quality, Communication
  • GAP Analysis- Areas of concerns
  • Recommendations to strengthen the value chain

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