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Market Research

We provide expert research analysis helping identify and qualify new revenue & profit growth opportunities in the marketplace, thus helping your business grow

Market Estimation

Market Estimation

  • Defining target market and segments
  • Identify and define the target location of market
  • Estimate the value and volume of the target product
  • Estimate market share
Market Sizing and Forecast

Market Sizing and Forecast

Helping to understand levels of investments in the business and growth targets for ensuring profitable business. Supporting clients in understanding of the potential for a B2B market opportunity in terms of volume or value thus making it appropriate in formulating business strategy and decision making.

USSP’s meticulous market sizing & forecast technique involves data collection through in depth primary research with the key stakeholders of business, analysis, defining target market suiting client’s needs and product category, benchmarking prices, competition market shares and volumes and sharing optimistic and realistic forecast scenarios for clients to choose from.

Customized Research

Customized Research

USSP team provides clients with focused, comprehensive and tailor-made research suiting client’s target market, location, product category specific to industries that clients are interested in. The strength our research is in validating information by inviting participation from ugh multiple business stakeholders through extensive primary research

Syndicated Research

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is an essential component in decision-oriented marketing research. It has been utilized in developing hypotheses about consumer motivation and understanding consumer perspective, in the consumer's own language. Furthermore, it is primarily an exploratory and motivational technique which is used to identity important marketing variables and to suggest the relationships among those variables, so that quantitative technique can be used.

  • We at USSP emphasize non-directive and projective techniques to get In-depth and unbiased results making the best decisions. We have an expert team of qualitative researchers who involve in the project from start to end to deliver the best market research services.
  • At USSP the involvement of an expert moderator (10+ yrs. experience) in the entire process of the project is ensured; including:

    a) Proposal development

    b) Preparation of Discussion Guide

    c) Strategic Insights
Competition Bench marking Technology, Product, Price, 
Logistics, Warehousing

Competition Bench marking Technology, Product, Price

Providing a continuous flow of information and ideas covering new / emerging technologies, trends, product features, new product development, pricing, impact of mega trends on business and markets that Client is interested in

Diagnostic Studies

Quantitative Research Solutions

  • Brand Health Study, Brand Track
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Product Concept Testing
  • Advertising Research
  • Segmentation Study
  • Usage & Attitude Study
  • Consumer/Customer Profiling
  • Need Gap Assessment
  • Pricing Research, Mystery Shopping
  • Idea Generation/Co-Creation Workshop

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